Finding Your Writing Voice

Throughout this semester I have been following writing assignment guidelines and completing each piece to the best of my ability. Recently though I have been having trouble putting my own voice and uniqueness into my writings, but now that I have recognized my weakness, I hope to improve upon it. Through a little research and practice, I am starting to see a change in the way I write for the better.

The first thing I started doing before writing a report was to start out with a two to three-minute warm-up. The point of the warm-up is to just write as much as you possibly can without stopping. I have come to find that without worrying about quality, I began to let the words flow out of my had and in turn my voice comes out. After doing an effective warm-up I have found that my voice carries onto my report. Another method I have started to do is by using metaphors that relate to me that can help get my point across and describe something I am trying to explain.

When writing with your own voice it makes your work a lot more unique and interesting to read. If you are able to do this effectively then people will always be willing to continue reading regardless of the amount of information you actually have in the writing.


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